5 Reasons to Go with a Smart TV

These days, there are a bunch of different kinds of televisions out there. For those that aren’t aware, there are even TVs that enable the user to connect to WiFi and use apps similar to a smartphone. These enable the viewer to access Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu, and a ton of other great applications that enable someone to watch all their favorite shows and movies.

But these TVs aren’t just giant iPads. They also have an HDMI port and are able to act like a normal television, where viewers are able to use their DVD or Blu-Ray (or even a VCR). It’s also great for console game players who are needing to plug their video game system into their television. But all that being said, what’s all the buzz about with these Smart TVs?

5 Benefits of Smart TVs

Access to Netflix and Other Apps

Smart TVs are the way of the future. They are truly a way for those who are now using new ways of viewing television and movies. That gives more flexibility to those who want to use Netflix or other applications to view their entertainment. There are also a host of other applications to be accessed from these TVs, including YouTube, Hulu,

Wifi Connection

Wifi connection what gives these Smart TVs all the benefits they have, including the ability to access those apps. They are able to connect to a variety of different websites that provide entertainment services, even ones like Pandora that provide music. But wifi connection provides more benefits than just the apps users are able to access through their televisions. The connection to internet also enables users to browse the internet.

Internet Browsing

Browsing the internet is usually done on a computer or smartphone, but the ability to get on Facebook or an internet browsing application is a huge benefit of Smart TVs. It enable access to virtually anything that can normally be accessed cell phone spy through an internet browser. This may seem unnecessary, especially for those who already have a laptop or desktop computer, but the ability for a television to connect to the internet is just another benefit of these Smart TVs, one that enables users to enjoy a much larger screen when viewing the internet.

Homescreen Customization

Another big benefit of many of the Smart TVs that are available today is that the user is able to customize their homescreen by personalizing it with all their favorite applications. Similar to the way a smartphone or computer would allow someone to move the application icons around on the desktop or home page so that the first ones seen are the most used ones. This is just a feature for convenience that makes interacting with the television that much more fun for the owner.


For those that are wondering how they would access all these wonderful features from a basic remote control, these Smart TVs offer the use of a trackpad, similar to what serves as a mouse on most laptops. This makes them great and easily able to surf the internet or cycle through popular apps. These trackpads are a huge benefit to people who use these TVs to not only watch TV and stream video, but access all of their favorite social media applications and internet sites as well.

The truth is, someone that’s looking for a new television would have a difficult time finding one that isn’t “smart.” However, there are still a lot of people using televisions without Wifi connections that are unable to enjoy much of the benefits that these TVs offer. It may time to make the switch.